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South Africa Projects

My love of language and literacy extends to projects in South Africa as there is a real need  to support children’s oral and written language skills. In developing countries, the contexts may be very different but the learning needs are similar.  Oral language and successful literacy development are intimately connected. 

For this reason I am proud to be using my skills to support 16 preschools through collaboration with the Khaniysela project in the northern Drakensberg mountains of Kwazulu Natal.


This little NPO has an excellent track record of developing infrastructure, and training as well as providing educational resources. My ongoing input aims to support and develop practice relating to early language and communication. This has taken the form of demonstration, interaction and modelling within preschools

Flexibility is essential and part of the fun and the challenge is working with limited resources Imaginative play (hospitals and shops allows us to label items in isizulu and to encourage protowriting. Simple board games gives opportunities to talk in the children’s mother tongue and to develop vocabulary. 


More recently we have started an intervention called Babyboost. This parenting programme for children 4 months -2 years promotes key interactions to foster development. Through workshops, home visits, playgroups and with a toy and book library to provide resources we encourage carers to talk, read, sing, play, cuddle and respond to babies. We hope these positive experiences will help provide the basis for future language and learning 


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